various YouTube political tarot readers and psychics (review)

(originally posted in March or April of 2018)

A whole new genre has popped up on YouTube: tarot readers and psychics who concentrate on discerning what is happening in the Trump/Russia investigation and related matters.  Since we are left guessing as to what is going to happen with our country and our lives, I find a certain strange comfort in these readers.

Overall I’ve found their results to be about as accurate as those of various legitimate political pundits, (meaning not Fox News, et al, who can never be right with their predictions because they can’t even admit present reality).  In most cases, I suppose that means a guess with cards is probably as good as a guess without; most of them have the occasional brilliant insight that comes true within 48 hours of the reading while the rest of the reading is yet unproven.  Once in a while they’re just plain wrong.

Here is a list of some that I’ve been watching, in no particular order:

(1) Tarot: PoliticsPlease note my opinion of this person has changed.  I will be leaving the following comments up, but I don’t watch her anymore.

I don’t know if she started this genre, but she’s been around a long time.  She underwent a huge change from being sort of over-wrought and long-winded to doing shorter readings in a more subdued key.  She did fall into the trap of getting overly optimistic about and adoring of Mueller.  (People, he isn’t Superman; he can only do what he can do.  This investigation has gone international, and he is only one part of it.  Granted, he may be the one who brings Trump down, but…)

Even in her more subdued state, she is still given to brief episodes of play-acting (fake tears, singing, imitating voices, etc.), incomplete sentences, playing with her hair, repeating herself over and over and over, and mispronounced words and names.  It can get annoying, but there’s always fast-forward.

She seems to be right most of the time…except when she tries to put a time frame on things.  In fact that seems to be a problem for all of these readers, and for political pundits as well.  This leads to the cause of this new tarot genre: massive uncertainty.  No one knows what the hell is going on or when it will stop.

(2) Ganga Tarot.  She’s very forward with her opinions, funny, flippant, and enjoyable to watch.  She’s an older lady and one gets the impression she’s been here before, even though none of us have; one good thing about age is that eventually you see that “there is nothing new under the sun” and I think she’s using that particular fact to her advantage.  Not all of her videos are political tarot readings; she often plays music as well.

(3) Dweller Between Waters.  I like her, partially since she just lives the “magic” life and somewhat rejects the New Age crap that a few other political readers have bought into.  She also throws an occasional F-bomb, which is entertaining.

She does tend to be very dark and very correct most of the time.  I feel that perhaps she isn’t clear on some fine details (she was really not up to speed on what happened with Al Franken, and instead of getting informed about it, she got nasty and defensive), but mostly she’s pretty knowledgeable about the numerous players in this whole dizzy affair.

Once in a while she’ll belabor a point until you’re ready to scream, but there’s always fast-forward for that.  Truth be known, it seems like the vast majority of YouTube tarot readers do that, hammering on the same points over and over in slightly different terms, often going on for several minutes.

P.S.  Lately she seems to be concentrating on making liquidy mouth noises, eating and drinking while speaking on her videos, and she even did an ASMR reading.  Seems someone has told her her readings are ASMR-y.  Mouth noises make me want to hit someone, so I haven’t been able to watch her as much.  It’s a shame.

(4) Truth Warrior Tarot.  Was impressive at first but then started going into long chirpy rambles about “crystal children” and just about every other bit of unhelpful New Age crap that has been invented.  She’s also into “indigo children.”  I view both with a wary eye — pretty soon we’ll have people arguing about whether they’re “crystal” or “indigo” very much in the same way as people are now arguing about which supposed “generation” they are, even though those “generations” have no real boundaries and are, in reality, nothing but marketing tools that have the side effect of increased ageism among the young and old.  Great.  Just what we need: more division.

Back to Truth Warrior, she started to refer to Trump as “Trumpie.”  Please.  That’s a fucking endearment.  (When does she start calling him “Trumpiekins?”)  She also goes all Jesus-y at times.  That’s okay if that’s what you’re into, but I’m guessing it’s off-putting if that’s not what you watched her video for.

Update: I started watching her again after taking a long break; she’s cut down a tiny bit on the happy/chirpy crap and seems to have pretty much stopped calling Trump “Trumpie” (although she’s now calling Hope Hicks something like “Hopey.”)  However, I now notice that she only shuffles the top 2/3rds of her deck, which frankly bothers me.  If she’s going to do that, she’s better off not shuffling on camera.

(5) SouLight Hypnotherapy.  Very down-to-earth and no-frills.  Long readings; uses a megaton of cards.  Doesn’t shy away from very, very negative, even explosive interpretations.

(6) Readings by the Empress.  Short and to the point.  Very soothing and reassuring, quite unlike SouLight.  I’d recommend watching one of her readings after watching any of SouLight’s; they’re as soothing as chocolate milk and a cookie after getting a bad report card.

(7) Lena Rodriguez.  She’s very popular.  She is also amazingly knowledgeable about Trump/Russia for someone not living in the U.S. (then again, it’s said that the investigation was started by an incident in which a drunken Trump campaign operative boasted about something to an Australian official).  But she lost me when she went all Bernie — I believe he’s part of the problem — and ageist (see Truth Warrior diatribe above).  She’s not bad, but only if you can put up with that crap.  Unfortunately I can’t.

(8) Psychic Violetta.  A psychic who often uses tarot cards to clarify her visions.  She’s a Polish woman who often does videos with her son holding her hand while he asks her questions about Trump/Russia.  Has a unique perspective, having grown up in a then-communist country.  Often hauntingly correct, way in advance of actual events.  Her son is a bit annoying, though; he even took over a recent video for some mumbo-jumbo…I don’t know what it was.  Because of him this channel is increasingly veering off into conspiracy-theory land* and I find that off-putting.  But Violetta herself is very pleasant.

(9) Linda G the Comanche Psychic.  A psychic who sometimes uses tarot cards to clarify what “those on the other side” are telling her.  She has a tremendous accuracy ratio, and she has a fun personality.  Seems very respected within the growing Trump-Russia psychic/tarot community, and for good reason — as I just said, she’s usually right.

(10) Kirsten Langston.  Tarot reader, astrologer, psychic.  Very hyper, animated and flits from subject to subject in a nanosecond, which can be annoying.  However she seems to be accurate much of the time.  Her videos are very, very lengthy (or at least, she’s so fidgety and loud and fast-talking, cramming so many subjects into such a limited time frame, that they seem that way).  She seems very respected within that growing community I mentioned above.  Also, as I said above, she’s a good substitute for Tarot:Politics if you ever get tired of Rosie’s bullshit.  9/4/18 update on Langston: she no longer seems to be doing political readings on YouTube, as far as I can tell.  She seems to have moved all her political readings to Patreon, as some readers are starting to do.

(11) Black & Orange.  (Added 9/4/18) Tarot reader.  Seems to be a recent addition to the festivities (within the past 2 months).  She is very watchable and easy to listen to; taking a lighthearted approach even if she gets volubly creeped out now and then.  Often she’s hilarious.  And her cat loves to help her.

(12) Revealing Light Tarot.  (Added 9/10/18) Another very recent addition (within the past few weeks?).  Seems to be from outside the U.S.  Very analytical, and approaches her readings from a celebral level.

(13) Trudy Lee Amirhosseini.  (Added 9/11/18) Yet another very recent addition (within the past 3 months).  Good, brief readings.

(14) Jenn Lynn Tarot.  (Added 12/13/18) Nice, concise reader from the U.S. Midwest.  She’s so new it remains to be seen how accurate she is (oldest video I could find was in October).  My one beef with her is that she says “um” too often — as in every other sentence.  It starts to get annoying rather quickly.

(15) The Lighthouse.  (Added 12/13/18) Her political readings are interspersed with her far-more-numerous readings on other subjects.  Very relaxing voice.

(16) David Johnson.  (Been watching for a long time but added here 12/13/18).  An American living in Australia.  Never reads cards; just talks to the “man in the moon.”  Can be somewhat sexist at times without realizing it, but that’s not a problem.  His recent video about Pence was explosive, and he doesn’t shy away from saying what he thinks.

(17) Milou H. Polycarpe – Psychic, Medium(Been watching for a long time; added here 12/13/18).  A psychic who does not read cards.  I’ve been watching him for a while but can’t remember anything really startling he’s ever said, but he does offer good interpretations of what’s going on.

(18) Tarot Tarot Tarot(added 1/9/19) Short, concise readings.  Asks one question and doesn’t meander all over the place.  Caught onto the fact that Trump’s threat to declare a national emergency wouldn’t work.

(19) Victoria Scerbo.  (Been watching for a while, but added 12/13/18).  A good go-to source if you just want to watch one reader.  She has good audience interaction and makes her ideas clear.

(20) Tarot by Janine.  An exception to the rule I state in the second-to-last paragraph.  I love the way she reads — she tries to view the cards as someone who has no idea who or what is involved in the Trussia scandal.  Very unique; worth a view.

(21) Light Between Stars.  This tarot reader has apparently been doing readings about Trussia on YouTube at least 6 months, but I just found her (1/9/19).  She’s very intelligent and articulate, and sometimes over-explains her positions, but she’s clear and interesting to watch.  No annoying habits, either (no excessive “um,” no histrionics, no liquidy mouth noises, no gum chewing, drinking or eating, etc.).  I’ve watched 2 of her videos — one on Mitch McConnell (predicting that he may possibly be deposed as Senate Majority Leader), and the one previous to that (on Trump’s bogus threat to declare a national emergency in order to get his vanity wall built — that reading turned out to be wrong on a lot of fronts*).  I’ll keep watching her and maybe add to this later.  She’s interesting.

(22) Tarot with Whimsy.  Apparently she’s been around a while.  Tries to see both sides of matters, which is slightly irritating to listen to when you actually know the truth about these people.  She’s a remote viewer who uses tarot cards.  A worthwhile listen.

(23) Tarot’s Apprentice.  Just found him (2/19); very straightforward.  Relaxing voice.  Have yet to find out exactly how accurate he is, but can say he hasn’t made any major mistakes since I’ve been watching him.


This list is by no means all-inclusive.  More readers are still jumping onboard, months after I initially wrote this article, and there are no doubt many I haven’t discovered yet who have been there all along.  I’ve also deliberately excluded pro-Trump readers/astrologers/seers for the simple reason that they are almost always wrong, and I tend to avoid those who veer too far off into la-la-land (that being reptile people, aliens, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, conspiracy theories, etc.), although as I said, Psychic Violetta has been doing that, mostly at the urging of her son.

*I’ve also noted recently that for most readers, the accuracy of their readings/visions tends to be directly related to how well they understand what’s currently going on — i.e. how little they buy into media hype, but instead seek real information.  The supposed Trump threat to declare a “national emergency” is a case in point; a few readers got caught up in the hype and as a consequence, wrongly predicted he’d do just that when their own cards seemed to be saying something else entirely.

Again, it seems like every week there is at least one more of these readers.  Drop by YouTube and look in.  It’s fun.



2 thoughts on “various YouTube political tarot readers and psychics (review)

  1. As you can tell, I’m just now reading your post about the YT psychics/tarot readers and pretty much agree. Lena Rodriguez is the Australian woman you mention and I watch all her videos because her extremely dry wit and lack of a filter re: Trump cracks me up.

    What I find interesting is all the different ways they present themselves. Linda (the Comanche reader) is like sitting over coffee with the lady next door who chats away about whatever. (I’m not a chit chatter so it sorta makes me crazy.) I haven’t decided how I feel about Kirsten Langston but she IS entertaining, I’ll give you that. Spot on about The Empress and her readings. I enjoy her sweetness a great deal.

    Just found you via researching the ever fascinating Hepzi Nanna and like your stuff, ranty as it is.

    Well done, you!


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