The Drama Virus Spreads? And Astrology Woes

Since I’ve been ranting mostly about YouTube…

The drama “community” on YouTube has now managed to tear the career of one beauty influencer completely apart, this time over the issue of racism.  I say “this time” because actually there have been two – another one, also a woman, had her career endangered when she was stupid enough to announce that she’s anti-vaxx.  Since then there have been numerous videos mentioning how the beauty community is in shambles, etc.  — all of which goes to prove my maxim that drama is its own punishment.

Yeah, it’s probably nice that YouTubers’ virgin ears will not be assaulted by known racists (if they’re female; at least two male beauty influencers have faced similar charges and survived with subscribership and viewership intact) and anti-vaxxers.  But as one person commented in a vlog, when does it stop?  When somebody commits suicide?

That said, it’s also nice to see that at least one of the drama cretins seems to be going down with the influencers, as his own past unfortunate tweets and posts have caught up with him.  Maybe if enough of the gossips get hit with gossip, it will shut them up?  I’m thinking that may happen, because they are, of course, incapable of the perfection they demand in others. What you put out there, you get back.  Be careful.

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from ranting.  And actually this rant is not about the beauty community at all, and it’s only tangentially about the beauty-drama community.  It’s about the extention of the drama community to the tarot community, because that’s what at least one person seems to be trying to do.

And it’s not me, lol.  This blog is here so I can get inconsequential stuff off my mind by ranting about it (I have other blogs that address more serious issues).  Although I have called out at least one person by name, I haven’t carried this argument over to YouTube or any other social media.  I just put it here and leave it here.  These are my thoughts.  I don’t start a campaign to get everyone to agree with me and ruin someone’s career.  I figure that if I’m right about them, they’ll end up ruining their own career eventually.

So with that denial in place, let’s talk about tarot drama…

Yeah, there are one or two tarot readers that I subscribed to and then unsubscribed from within a few days because I found that they spent more time posting defensive whines than they did reading cards.  There’s still another that I’m thinking of unsubbing from because she does this all the time.  What were they whining about?  It was mostly criticisms people had posted in the comments.  One seemed to be claiming that there was a YouTube vendetta directed at him, and far more of his videos were about that subject than any other.

But that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about something a bit more recent, when one tarot reader with a large following posted a video about how tarot readers who don’t shuffle their cards on camera are frauds.

Then she went on (in the next video) to yammer at length about how much she doesn’t care that anyone doesn’t like what she said.  Uh, my experience, the more you yammer that you don’t care, the more you do care.

And then, because she’s from a specific part of the country, she said she has a temper.  I’ve noted people all over the country having tempers, but okay.  It’s kind of like saying your family is from Norway, so you have a temper.  Or they’re from Sweden, so you have a temper.  Or they’re from….name a country.  That shit has been going on forever, and it’s no more true nowadays than it ever was.  Nobody’s temper is worse than anyone else’s simply because of where they come from or who they’re related to.

“Tarot readers who don’t shuffle their cards on camera are frauds.”  No, dear.  Tarot readers who don’t shuffle their cards on camera, don’t shuffle their cards on camera.  That’s the way it is.  If you want to start shoving the term “fraud” around, look at their long-term results.  If they’re always wrong, that maybe means they’re not good tarot readers.  But shuffling the cards on camera has nothing to do with anything.  Not everyone does things YOUR way, dear.  That’s just the way the world works, even if you do have a temper.

Anyway, the actual issue here is that I’ve been witnessing what’s been going down in the beauty community, and it kind of hurts to see it spreading to the tarot community, especially if the charges being made are meaningless non-issues like how and where you shuffle your cards.

I guess I’ll change the subject now to astrologers, but you’ll see that there’s not real change in subject except that there’s no drama community connected with the astrology community…yet.

Most tarot readers on YouTube mix their tarot with astrology, and some do it quite accurately.  I don’t know how that’s working, however, because I’ve been following some astrologers through this whole dizzy Trump affair, and they’re always wrong.  Always.

One guy in particular has been predicting apocalypse after apocalypse; he actually said that July would be a catastrophic explosion in which all would be destroyed, starting with the global economy (actually several astrologers said this, not just one), and somewhere out in all that destruction we will all be happy forever (“heaven on earth,” he said).  Or something like that.

It’s now nearly October, and everything is the same.  And it will be so in December, and January, and…

Thing is, human history just doesn’t generally move that fast.  What we have is more like a train wreck in slow motion, and that is unlikely to change even if you have a doctorate in planetary motions from thousands of years ago (and it seems astrology is so complicated that some of these people must have just that).

Another guy keeps noting that various people’s charts don’t match what’s going on with them right now, and/or he keeps predicting things that are totally the opposite of the way things are going.  I can only imagine his problem is one of two things: either he doesn’t realize that astrology seems to be based on charts that are at least a millennia out of date, or he’s simply misinterpreting the charts he does use based on his own prejudices — which is something all astrologers do because…see the section on tarot readers.  Yet he claims he loves astrology because it excuses you from having to make predictions.  It’s all right there in the planets, right?  Uh, no.  It’s all right there in how you choose to look at the planets.  Same as with tarot cards; the difference is that few tarot readers will say that there is no intuition involved in their craft (yes, a few do claim that, but I think they’re missing something).

While I’m on the subject, there was yet another guy, right after the election, who was chortling that Trump was going to save us all and it was in his charts!  And Hillary belongs in jail!  (Why did he fail to mention his Russian paychecks?)  And there was also the sad case of the very bleach-blond pro-Trump astrologer saying that Trump is actually a really nice guy, it’s just hard to tell.  Uh-huh.  Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?

All in all, I’ve lost any faith I had in astrology during this whole Trussia affair, and that was shaky to begin with.  The tarot card readers are doing a bit better in contrast — even if some of them don’t shuffle their cards on camera.  The thing is, they are using their own intuition (whether they know it or not) and not claiming authority from some vague long-ago planetary motions.  I’m thinking this is why they are correct more often.  I should note here that the psychics who use cards as a sideline — or not at all — are often the most accurate of the prognosticators.  (And they never use astrology!)

In the end, it all comes down to your own brain and heart.  So like I said,  let’s not start drama about it.  We’ve all seen where that leads.




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