Of YouTube and Rudeness

Last night one of my friends, who is a YouTube junkie like me and is much more strongly into the YouTube psychics and tarot readers who are currently doing readings about Trump and Russia, commented on one of Tarot:Politics videos that perhaps this Maria Butina who was arrested yesterday is the same woman that many psychics/readers have envisioned as being the key to bringing down Trump.  (For the record, a lot of people thought this would be Ivanka or Stormy Daniels, but I never saw the logic behind that; some even saw Putin’s ex-wife as the person, and I thought that was a stretch.  Butina, on the other hand, seems to have a lot of ties to the entire situation…so I can see where my friend came up with that idea.)

Here’s part of the answer she got, which was in all caps, from “Rosie” (Tarot:Politics) herself:


What the fuck.

My friend was not looking for simple and easy stories, she was just mentioning that a lot of seers had sensed that a woman would be the one to break the complicated plot wide open in the public consciousness (of course, Trump helped that himself by openly committing treason on the same day), i.e., “take Trump down.”  She’s also commented on Tarot:Politics videos before and has always been polite, as far as I know, and never broken any of Rosie’s numerous rules. But yet she got shouted at and splashed with stupidity to boot.  (Note to Rosie: MAKE AN ATTEMPT TO COMPREHEND THE FUCKING COMMENT BEFORE YOU BLOW UP.)

At this point, all I can think of is this: for chrissake, woman, if you can’t handle simple conversation and/or are so sensitive that you have to make rule upon rule about what people can and cannot say, TURN THE FUCKING COMMENTS OFF.  Yeah, I can understand getting upset with trolls, and YouTube is full of them.  But a person who has demonstrated good behavior in the past just making a random comment?  Fuck off, B, if you can’t handle that.

I’d noticed Rosie being rude to viewers and even patrons before and that’s why I never really watched her anymore after initially becoming pretty addicted to her.  My friend continued to watch for some reason, but removed her comment that caused the outburst and finally unsubbed last night.  As she said, “sorry for not reading your mind, darling.”  (I would have said, “sorry about your reading comprehension problem, Rosie,” but..)

As it is, there are now lots and lots of other readers to watch.  No one really needs Rosie.

As for me, I have no use for fucking YouTube divas and won’t be paying attention to this creature in the future.  I’ll be altering the post I did about YouTube psychics and the Trump thing.  I believe my words about her were quite positive. Going forward, they won’t be anymore.  She’s no better than the people she’s doing the readings on.


One thought on “Of YouTube and Rudeness

  1. Yes, Rosie is … interesting, isn’t she? Not my cuppa in terms of political tarot readers. And there was no reason for that histrionic reaction to your friend’s comment. Lots and lots of other fish in the (tarot) sea!


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