Real First-World Problems

I don’t totally understand what happened, but apparently some YouTube-related event generated another event because some of the “creators” involved were incensed that they weren’t deemed interesting-enough by the first event.  And the second (because-we’re-pissed-off) event was a disaster.  Apparently the venue was too small and the admission prices too high for people to be compelled to stand in the sun for 5 or 6 hours because they couldn’t get in.

This has resulted in a plethora of videos in which whining teenagers and young adults complain about being crushed in a crowd, and standing in the sun for 6 hours (without being given free water! the horror!) and getting sunburns, and losing up to $80.00 they spent on admission to the second event.  All this to meet their favorite YouTube “creators.”  I’m gathering most of these “creators” are those nebulous pop-culture personalities who generally don’t do anything but wear clothes and makeup while talking about themselves ad nauseam, like the one YouTube “creator” I watched for a few minutes this morning, whose assessment of the whole situation was this: “I didn’t want to talk about this because everybody hates me.  You should see the comments…I just get bored.  My hair is like, so greasy.  But anyway I just get bored.  Thank God I have a few events coming up this weekend…”  This woman has over a million subscribers.

The rest of the “creators” seemed to be in the beauty community or the parasitic drama community — meaning that like the aforementioned lifestyle “creators,” none of them produce anything of enough substance to justify going through any discomfort to meet them.  To put it succinctly, they don’t do anything for anyone but themselves.

Meantime at our southern border, children are being taken from their parents and spirited away — possibly never to be seen again — and in the rest of the country, the only reason we haven’t heard of any school shootings in a few weeks is that most schools are off for the summer.  The latter sounds like a flip remark, but it is simply the sickening truth.

I couldn’t help but to think about this as I watched these entitled kids whining on YouTube.  For chrissake, focus on what the hell MATTERS, kids.  You getting ripped off only matters to you.  Border kidnappings (executed by our own government) and school shootings matter to all of us.

I keep hearing crap about this generation being “different.”  No.  You are no different from your predecessors, kids.  Now get off your goddamn cell phones and read the news (or at least read the news on your goddamn cell phone instead of spending hours yammering about drivel).  You may, for the first time, find out about real life and the danger we all are in.  Maybe then, if you can muster any kind of helpful reaction to what you see and hear, you will truly be different.  Right now you’re just a bunch of spindly little whiney-snorks like all those who came before you.


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