A stupid YouTube moment

First of all, view this video from Wayne Goss on the subject of Tati Westbrook’s new vitamin and all the furor surrounding it.

Goss is now pretty much the lone voice among the beauty community to speak out in support of Tati.  The rest of the actual beauty community has been silent (as far as I know).  Meantime the beauty community’s parasite, the drama channels, have been WAY up on their high horses about the whole thing, practically declaring that Tati is committing murder.  A few of the drama videos were so bad that I’m sure Tati could sue if she were that type.

Again, view this video.  Without going into hysterics, Goss does a fine job of detailing the problems (and yes, there were some) with the vitamin roll-out.

Before I go further, let me tell you a few things about the problematic vitamin industry and its relationship to western medicine in the U.S.  Why am I doing this?  Because an oft-repeated criticism of Tati is that “doctors” don’t approve of the ingredients in the vitamin.  In fact, a few people claiming to be physicians have posted in the comments on her videos.  Neither of the supposed “physician” posts I read was coherent (plus I rather doubt that an actual doctor would address such a silly non-issue in a comments section of a beauty video), so I rather doubt that claim.

So here’s the thing: the vast majority of physicians in the U.S. have little or no familiarity with vitamins outside of A, B12, D3, E, and the minerals calcium and magnesium.  An even larger number of them have no familiarity with herbs at all.

For example, the most oft-used form of magnesium in the U.S., magnesium oxide, is almost wholly ineffective except as a laxative.  This has been widely known for a long time…and yet out of ignorance physicians here still recommend its use, and some sell one particular brand of magnesium oxide in their offices.  They just don’t know any better.

One person sniped that Tati had consulted nutritionists instead of doctors.  See the above paragraphs, with the added warning that most nutritionists in the U.S. have no clear idea about vitamin supplements either.  Nor do most pharmacists.

So who does know about vitamins?  Well, certainly not the FDA, (click on link; it’s another video to watch from someone who knows what she is talking about), which only serves to ban certain ingredients from being used in vitamins, as well as regulating what is claimed about vitamins (yes, Tati appears to be within limits with her claims).

There are some scientists (and a few physicians) who do know about vitamins, just as there are some scientists who know all about cosmetics (which have a similar relationship with the FDA).  I assume Tati consulted scientists who specialize in vitamins.  Again, view Goss’s video for details on the problems with the way she rolled out her product.  He’s right.  But he’s also right about the fierce reaction and how unwarranted it was.  It wasn’t criticism, it was bullying.  And it was fucking ridiculous.

Goss also tackled the subject of blocking people, and again, I agree with him.  Earlier I had watched a video by Peter Monn, a drama cretin who was practically salivating over the fact that Tati had blocked some of her critics, and had also turned off commenting on one of her videos.  “Let the people talk!” he kept repeating.

I have to mention that while Tati never made a video about the ugly and unfounded charges leveled against Monn by another drama channel around Christmas of 2017, word has it that she did contact Monn and offer her support, even though she apparently barely knows him.  So for him to turn around and act like a goddamn mean girl about the invented scandal over Tati’s vitamin…just not done, dude.  Any respect I had for you is gone.

Personally I don’t do comments simply because people, cloaked in the relative anonymity of the Internet, become fucking monsters.  And sometimes those monsters can get out of control, as they did in Tati’s case.

My attitude is that if you want to whine and snipe, get your own goddamn venue to do it in.  Don’t waste my time and bandwidth with your stupidity.

That’s what I’m doing here, in case you haven’t noticed.

Here’s another thing: when Tati made a long video trying to address some of the concerns that had been raised, the comments beneath the video were littered with whiny-snork adolescent comments like, “Tati’s talking down to us.”   Well, fuck you.  See the paragraphs above this one if you didn’t read them already, asshole.  And here’s another thing: if you don’t like the goddamn video, don’t watch it…and if you don’t like the goddamn vitamin don’t take it.

Other people wanted to know if Tati’s skin was so perfect from the vitamins or her skincare.  That’s so stupid that it’s not worth addressing.

Will I take her vitamin?  Maybe.  I take enough stuff right now; I’ll have to think about it.

Did any of the whining guttersnipes on YouTube convince me not to?  Obviously not.  I don’t do stupid.

And that means I’m not as nice as Wayne Goss.  But again, watch the Goss video.  Wayne’s got it right.  The rest of you whiners on YouTube (both in the drama community and in Tati’s comments section) can go to hell.


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