That’s F’in Gross

About a week ago, a YouTuber put up a video about how she had put on an entire face-full of makeup using only in-store testers.


I put this on a par with people who stick their fingers into food on buffet tables, or people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom — and for the same reason.  Testers are FILTHY.  They are not intended to be used on your face, but on your hand or wrist.

For this same reason, I really get sick to my stomach when I see people opening cosmetics packages.  Even when you’re opening a body lotion to stick your nose in and take a sniff, you’re putting other people’s health at risk.  Why?  Because your nostrils are filthy.  Honest, even if you just washed your face, your nose harbors bacteria and viruses that you may be immune to, but others may not.  “But I didn’t touch anything!” you protest.  DOESN’T MATTER.

Then there are those who can’t resist prying open bubble-wrapped cosmetics.  You know, that packaging that breaks your nails or cuts your fingers while trying to take the product out?  Yeah, that stuff.  I’ve watched people wander through Ulta prying open everything they could lay their hands on, opening it, and taking a giant sniff — or else trying it out on their hands.  They do this even with stuff that has testers right next to it.

I’d like to know what the sickness is that causes people to do this.  If anyone has an idea, let me know.  As far as I’m concerned, there is no excuse.


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