CVS bans photo manipulation

May this be the start of a trend:

CVS bans photo manipulation in its house brands; will place alerts on other brands

Great.  It’s a start.  I hope other stores pick up on this.

Frankly I’m tired of seeing teenagers used as images for anti-aging products.  Been tired of that for decades.  With the advent of easy photo editing, though…even though some of the models are now older, they’re still heavily “‘shopped,” making them almost as misleading.  So nothing has really changed.

As I’ve said before, I’m older.  My face shows it.  This is the time of life when you learn that anti-aging products do not work.  They can’t, because not only does one’s skin change, but bone structure actually shrinks — even in your face.  That makes the skin hang even more.  There’s nothing you can do about it non-surgically, and frankly I can spot plastic surgery a mile away.  Worse than being merely obvious, the more plastic surgery a person has, the more obvious it becomes.  Most of us are familiar with the end-stage cases who cease to look human.

Allure magazine, a U.S. fashion periodical for older women, announced in the past few years that it will eventually ban the term “anti-aging” from its pages.  And I say “good,” because that’s the direction we need to go.

Aging is a fact.  It perhaps changes the makeup and skincare products you use and how you apply them, but nothing really covers it up.  The best you can hope for is to modify it a little.

But the very best would be a new attitude toward aging.  As ever, kids are hopeless in this regard — they’re ageist by default.  I was too when I was young.  The work needs to be done not on kids, who will always be that way, but on working adults.  I’ve seen too many older YouTube makeup gurus who are just as ageist as the kids, and we have to start with people like that.  I actually heard one of them say something to the effect that older women shouldn’t use product lines like Urban Decay because “obviously they are meant for a younger makeup user.”  (Not a direct quote, but you get the idea about how ridiculous that is.)

We also have to work on our eyes.  The eye changes, and there is no reason that the effects of aging on a face can’t be seen as beautiful.

It starts there.  What helps is companies like CVS and publications like Allure pushing the market in that direction, because goodness knows it won’t go that way by itself; decades of pressure from older women have produced little result, especially in high-end and “trendy” products.

The battle is on.  I see us winning.


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