Hating on Beauty Vloggers

Okay, I admit it: I just watched a beauty video on YouTube and found myself getting annoyed with the vlogger.  I won’t name her; suffice it to say she’s a smart-ass biker-type chick with lank dyed-blond hair (roots showing of course), 50,000 tattoos, and drag-queen makeup.  The icing on the cake for me is that she has a harsh, grating, almost monotone tough-girl voice that gets on my nerves after about 30 seconds, particularly since she has a habit of droning on and on about minutia.  However, I have to add that her voice is an improvement over those of the numerous young-girl beauty vloggers (all seem to be college age or younger) who have high-pitched, squeaky voices that feel like battery acid on the ears.  Those girls make me long for the 1960’s when you could turn the treble down.

Anyway, this particular person is indeed some type of expert on beauty product ingredients, so I’ll give her that much.  And she does have a lot of fans.

I’ll also allow that many, if not all female beauty vloggers stray into drag-queen territory now and then; this is hardly a mistake unique to her.  Wayne Goss explained the problem best: drag queens have to build facial contours they don’t naturally have;* women make a mistake when they follow drag queens into that territory — simply because they generally don’t need to.***

That is to say that these women apply too much makeup (primer, foundation, contour, blush, bronzer — note that those last three products can actually cancel each other out if used incorrectly — highlighter, powder, five different shades of eyeshadow**, false lashes, etc….REALLY?), which only adds to the overcooked look.  Honest, when you see some woman walking around like that in real life, you start wondering if it’s Halloween.  It never really looks good.

Then again, it is their job to try lots of products, so it could be that they’re stuck with the fact that they look overdone.

Note that I didn’t and won’t say the name of the person I started off talking about.  That’s because it doesn’t matter.  The way she presents herself annoys me; it does not annoy hundreds of thousands of others.

That’s the thing: there are now at least 100 beauty vloggers on YouTube.  Don’t like one?  Watch someone else.  Take, for instance, Tati Westbrook.  I enjoy her and watch her almost daily.  Lots of other people don’t like her and some tell her about it in her comments section.  What’s the point of that?  (My favorite criticism is that she’s ‘old;’  always a giveaway that the writer is a child under 25.  Really doesn’t say anything about makeup or Tati or anything else.)

As for me, I’ll keep disliking Miss Hard Case — but will watch her anyway because she is so knowledgeable about ingredients — and that’s my prerogative.  But will I comment about it on her videos?  Nope.

YouTube is a big place.  Don’t like one person, find someone else — or else realize that the problems you have with them aren’t as meaningful as the information they have to offer.

*video is from the fabulous Kimberly Clark, demonstrating a contour palette.

** I will someday go into my problem with the uber-popular eyeshadow palettes, which will probably get me blasted into the next universe.  But for this article I decided to just stick to the issue of being annoyed by beauty vloggers.

***There are two female beauty vloggers I can think of offhand (one of them quite famous), who do benefit from using tons of contour products.  But note, this is two of at least 100.



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