Oh REALLY? (Twitter rant)

I have decided not to rant about this person on my political/news blog because she is neither.  I’m talking about the person who calls herself Hepzibah and claims:

(1) she has cancer and AIDS — has had them for years!
(2) she’s some kind of Washington insider
(3) she’s a survivor or torture and sexual abuse by the Nazis (a.k.a. “the Collective.”)
(4) her worst symptoms are pain and vomiting.  Never mentions what stage her cancer is in, nor chemo treatments, nor hospital stays (she does show photos of occasional trips to the ER, however), nor complications of having both cancer and AIDS at the same time, nor radiation, nor surgery.  Just pain (and vomiting).  The other night she tweeted that she was in “the worst pain I’ve been in in years.”  Uh…that kind of defies a cancer timeline.

Yes, pain management can be part of cancer treatment, but it is generally NOT the entire treatment until the very end-stage when the person is bedridden and close to dying.  I used to work in an oncology hospital and although I’m not a medical professional, I kinda sorta know these things.

Her latest outrage…well there have been three.  She tried to blame Irma and Harvey on the long-defunct HAARP, and then invented some sort of battle between good and evil controlling HAARP.  You see, in her world, the bad people (Nazis! of course!) got hold of HAARP and created all the hurricanes, and then the good guys took over and tried to steer the hurricanes away from the U.S.  Didn’t work very well, did it.  I noted she got quiet during Irma’s Florida strike and then went on to another subject.

Actually there were two other subjects: she claimed that she was going to get to testify against Steve Bannon.  That’s odd, because although Bannon is a loathesome creature, as I’ve mentioned on my other blog he has not been charged with anything.  (One of the other big Twitter hysterics, Mensch, has tweeted that Bannon’s getting the death penalty.  Again…due process missing here.  WHAT FOR?  Has he been convicted of a capital crime and we just didn’t hear about it?  Highly unlikely.  That means that even if this is another of those famous “sealed indictments,” he still hasn’t been convicted of a capital crime, so let’s not be talking about a “death penalty.”)

Of course Bannon has made himself quite a target, and as far as I’m aware, Nanna (Hepzibah’s last name) could be referring to some sort of lawsuit rather than a criminal proceeding.  However if she specified that, I don’t know.  Couldn’t find it anywhere.

So that brings us to the next tall tale: a “dossier” she produced yesterday that went on for pages and pages about the guilt of various Republicans in various financial schemes — none of them mentioning Russia, as far as I could see (she denies that Russia has any importance in our current problems because both Putin and Trump are nothing more than puppets of the evil Jacob Rothschild).  Nice.  Trouble is I made a few attempts to verify the people/places/organizations mentioned in this “dossier,” and unless the history cited was well-documented (for example, Ryan’s family backgound), I came up with blanks.  As in, none of them seemed to actually exist.  Not even the billionaire supposedly bankrolling the whole thing seems to exist, at least not online — which for a billionaire is odd.  When someone questioned this on Twitter (obviously I wasn’t the only one coming up empty in my research), one of Nanna’s lackeys shot back that “not all billionaires are listed in Forbes.”  Uh…yeah.  And they’re also not listed anywhere, right?  In this day and age, that’s a bit unlikely.

She then claimed that the dossier had been handed over to the FBI and that Mueller is investigating it.  Right.

Let’s get a few things straight:
(1) handing something over to the FBI doesn’t mean that Mueller is investigating it, even if Nanna claims he confides in her, and
(2) The scope of Mueller’s investigation does not include things like this unless he becomes interested somehow.  Although financial corruption is part of Mueller’s investigation, I’ll hazard a guess that this dossier does not offer any new information in that regard.

I’m noting that Nanna is getting very little response to her posts these days outside of the usual echo chamber praising her to the high heavens for being such a selfless patriot.  That may be a good thing; it may mean she’s lost much of her following and is writing tweets under other names, in praise of herself.   Great.  If that’s the case, the next step is that she drops this charade and adopts a new one in another sphere where no one knows her and she can play the sympathy card without limit until she gets caught.  Again.

Apparently her first incarnation online was in religious circles, you see.  There is a 2009 article about her on the Funny or Die site (she more recently changed her name from Caitlin to Hepzibah, which is why this article may not come up if you Google “Hepzibah Nanna”).  In the article she claims to be besties with Jesus but oddly enough doesn’t mention her abusive upbringing and rough treatment at the hands of the “Nazis”– a major theme of her tweets now.

She seems to have entered the field of political drama quite recently, long after she wore out her welcome in the fairy-tale world of evangelical religion.  She still does, however, spout off a ton of quasi-religious crap, which seems to glue a follower or two to her who will be there for eternity.  There are some people who will excuse anything as long as someone claims to be very, very religious.  Thankfully, there are few of them.

Anyway, if you want to read more about this annoying person, read this.  Be sure to read all the way through the comments, too; some of them are fascinating.

A few of the comments seem to indicate that she may be grifting, and to me that’s the important thing.  Be wary of who you feel sorry for online.  This girl is preying heavily on sympathy.  Problem is, she doesn’t seem to deserve any.  Don’t send her money.

Real Resistance people stick to hard facts and don’t prey on emotions.  In this world fantasy isn’t necessary, and we also have all the real-life drama we need, thanks.