Who in the hell is Karlie Kloss?

Every time I go over to YouTube to watch videos (I do that a lot), I end up with this Wix commercial where this very pretty, hopelessly modish young woman says, “hello I’m Karly Kloss,” and goes on to say how easy it was to build her website (about her own wonderfulness, I assume?) on Wix.

I tried Wix once.  Never again.  Maybe it was deliberately difficult because I’m not in Wix’s preferred millennial demographic, I don’t know but I rather doubt it.  But for me, that host is almost totally unusable.

But that’s not the point here.  The point is that I’m supposed to know who this little blondie is and I have no idea.

Put that together with Wix itself, and I’m completely unimpressed.


3 thoughts on “Who in the hell is Karlie Kloss?

  1. haha her thing when she started modeling was that she did ballet.

    I think squarespace is the millennial website builder. She’s branded herself as a youtuber despite not doing youtube so ebay, wix, samsung & express pay her to make ads like that. Their + youtube’s demographic is tweens.


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